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Send us your cases through global express companies: 

First of all, please contact local shipping companies such as





to obtain all the information and formalities needed. They will guide you to finish all the necessary procedures for a shipment.
The following are of crucial importance for your attention:
●Contact the local shipping company to get the Air Waybill for free. Write the destination address clearly and accurately on the Air Waybill. And if you have problems filling out the Air Waybill, please inquire the shipping company their staff will show you in detail
●Then you need to prepare a Commercial Invoice shipping together with the goods, also you can refer to the shipping company who will help you out for this part. When preparing the Commercial invoice, please write the total value of the shipment to be less than 50 dollars.  For the Type of Product description, please write “Dental Impressions” or “Dental Sample Models.”
But if you are in confusion with the brief description above please do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by phone: 86-28-85371919. We have professional shipping consultant available to you.



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